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Electric Pill Grinder

Safe & efficient

Using the Severo prevents the risk of RSI and cross-contamination.

easy to use

Grind pills in a matter of seconds without any physical stress, saving you precious time to focus on the things that matter.

portable design

With its compact size and low weight the device is portable and ideal for use on medication trolleys and in any home care environment.


Swallowing gel

Masks the bitter taste of medication

Does not negatively affect the working of medication

After swallowing, the
gel quickly dissolves in the stomach,
this way minimizing the efficacy and
uptake of active ingredients by the

Suitable for all patients

Since the gel contains no sugar, alcohol or
any common allergenic substances, it is suitable for all patient groups.

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Electric Bedmover

easy to use

The Movero efficiently moves beds and trolleys. Employees just have to steer the beds with their thumb instead of using excessive force.
Precise manoeuvring
Using the Movero is intuitive and straightforward. Persons only need a moment to familiarize themselves with the controls.
Cost Effective
The Movero manoeuvres very accurately in small and crowded places. It can be moved in any direction.