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i-Mover is a collection of  best of breed mobility products for people with a physical disability. The collection includes modern wheelchairs, outdour mobility products and accessories to increase mobility for existing wheelchairs. The i-Mover range consists of 3 exciting possibilities:

Rid-e: an effective, fast and agile electrical wheelchair for outdoor use

The Rid-e was developed by motor racing driver Ivo Kastan who competed the Paris-Dakar rally for nine times. His experience in racing can be retrieved in the design of this revolutionary product: The Rid-e.

The Rid-e has a lot of similarities to a trike and is designed especially for people that – despite their physical disabilities – value freedom and mobility.

Features include: Stable build quality, Comfortable seating, Fully electrically powered, Speeds up to 45 km/h and a large battery capacity up to 80 kilometers.

Kury: an affordable and comfortable (electrical) wheelchair

The versatile range of Kury products is based on a complete scale of categories and types of wheelchairs.

IMS Medical develops an extension to this wheelchair so that is becomes a fully electrical and controlled wheelchair.

From rigid designed children wheelchairs to fully electrical powered foldable wheelchairs that require no push assistance.

Electric power kit: Convert an existing wheelchair to a fully electrical wheelchair

The i-Mover Power Kit is used to convert existing wheelchairs into an electric wheelchair with controls for self driving and electrical push assistance.
IMS Medical developed this power kit to enable most wheelchairs to be used autonomically by the driver.

The kit has been tested through and through to make sure it reaches top level user experience.

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