A few examples of our healthcare innovations:


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Grinds pills to fine powder in seconds

When swallowing of pills is difficult, the Severo electric pill grinder is the best and safest solution for patients and healthcare professionals. It is widely used in hospitals, nursing homes and veterinary clinics around the world where medicine intake is a problem and efficiency and safety a priority. Read more

IMS Medical wins

PPI 2014 for the Hospital bed washing facility

This first rodbotic wash facility for hospital beds in the world cleans beds better and safer while at the same time significantly reducing handling time, detergent use and energy consumption. This product is developed in corporation with the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and awarded with a EU innovation award in 2014. Read more



This product is in development

Further information to follow soon

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Responsible Entrepreneurship

IMS Medical B.V. is based in Grootebroek in the Netherlands. It is a company that takes her corporate social and environmental responsibilities very seriously.

  • Low energy consumption: Its office is for an important part solar powered.
  • Circular economy: Old products are being recycled. Good parts are being re-used and remaining parts are separated and used for recycling as much as possible
  • Social engagement: The company has been awarded as CSR Proud Partner by WerkSaam West Friesland as it actively participates in the employment and education of vulnerable groups in todays society.

IMS Medical is dedicated to making healthcare safer, more sustainable and more efficient.

For the benefit of patients, personnel and the organisation IMS Medical develops standardized products and solutions that contribute to the sustainability, efficiency and safety of workspaces and processes in hospitals and nursing homes around the world.

To make this possible IMS Medical combines its international healthcare market knowledge and network with expertise on the design, development, production, distribution and support of best of breed innovations.

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